Katisha Jallow

My Journey

"I grew up wanting to be a superhero..."

Hi, my name is Katisha but some people call me Tisha or ‘Jlow’.

My purpose and passion is to use all of my experiences, knowledge and everything else that I have in my tool kit of life to help others take a look at their life resiliently.

I am a sincere and kind-hearted woman who has devoted and converted my life into empowering others to be at their greatest. I have a spiritual mindset to actively speak and listen to people with the mentality that I can.

Young Katisha

My Journey

I grew up wanting to be a superhero that can read minds like Jean Grey, Emma Frost or Professor X. However, throughout my lifetime, I became a friend, mother, girlfriend, ex-wife, Military soldier and entrepreneur. With all of my experiences and personality, I knew this gave me the superpowers to be who I am today.

I have lived in New Jersey, Italy, Ohio, Tennessee and now California. Each place captured a part in my journey of life to show me that I can interact and work with people from all backgrounds. I thought I had the perfect life to travel the world and meet new people who have brought so much happiness and value. At the same time, I have experienced disappointments and losses in the spiritual, emotional or physical energies.

My Education

I am community leader, motivational speaker and trainer in risk management, resiliency and suicide prevention. As a consultant, I help people and organizations improve gaps of communication and challenges. Through my website, social media accounts, trainings, and (one on one interactions) I am able to help you empower, guide, manage and overcome change.

My Purpose and Passion

As a professional life coach and wayfinder, my dedication is to facilitate and coach individuals and businesses in goal setting, resiliency, team building and dealing with positive D.R.I.V.E (Direct Relationships Involving Various Emotions). I am so deeply dedicated to living my best life that it has become my a passion and purpose to help you create your right life.


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