Creating A Vision Board
For Life Goals

What is a vision board?

Simply put, a vision board as the name implies is a board containing ideas, quotes and pictures, which give you a mental intent on what you want to do or become in the near future. In view of this definition, it is appropriately referred to as a “goal setting vision board” since it helps you plan and reach your goals.

Want to learn how to create a vision board? Well, it’s easy:Your vision board should include ideas, quotes, pictures and goals relating to your resolution, not clustered with unnecessary details or pictures that are not in line with how you want to feel.

As a matter of fact, your board should reflect your desire for what is to come. The more it reflects your aspirations, the more you see your dreams come true.

The benefits of having a vision board are enormous as it helps in visualizing your dreams. Some vision board ideas that you can adopt are highlighted below. They are placed in different categories including;

Career vision board:

You may create a goal setting vision board for your career. For example, you wish to pursue a career goal such as a post-graduate course in a university during fall. What can you place on your career vision board to help you reach this goal?

You may try any of the following vision board ideas:

  • Pictures of your dream university can be pinned to the vision board.
  • Vision board quotes that would motivate you to study and do other necessary things to reach your goal.
Personality vision board:

Do you have a set goal on a specific personality you want to inculcate in your lifestyle. The following are some things that could be added to your life vision board:

  • Pictures of your role models can be pinned to your vision board.
  • Pictures cut out from fashion magazines.
  • Weekly body workout plan.
Weight loss vision board:

Having a vision board is also very helpful for those who want to shed some weight. A weight loss vision board should have all the necessary information that you can watch as you lose excess fat. In case you need some ideas of things to place on your vision board for weight loss, here are some useful tips;

  • List of meals to avoid and meals to crave should be pinned on your vision board.
  • Daily body workout plan.
How to create a vision board from scratch

Making a vision board can be a life changing decision for your health, relationship or career. You can make a vision board by following the steps outlined below:

  • Purchase a wood or aluminum framed board with some pins to hold pieces of stuff on the board.
  • Have access to Scissors, thick cardboards and a glue/gum to bind well.
  • Make use of markers and/or paper stickers to paste on your vision board.
  • Get magazines with related quotes and images that can be cut out.
  • Lastly, get quotes, reminders, and pictures of friends and family that would be placed on the vision board as well as any other item that could be a visualization of what you want in the future.

If you are aiming at a goal, it is, therefore, advisable that you get a vision board. You can paint the future you want on it and work at achieving every single goal. Be assured that with the vision board, your goals are just a step away.

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