Happiness Starts with
Self Care

Finding happiness ...

Every living person is constantly engaged in the pursuit of happiness, even though sometimes it might seem elusive. Many have sought happiness in their next relationship, a bigger purchase, a fatter paycheck, a physical enhancement, a new job, and several other external sources.

The key to finding happiness, however, isn’t farfetched. Happy people are aware that happiness is a choice and the key to finding happiness can’t be found in other people, assets, or activities. Happiness begins and ends with you!

To live a happy life, you need to balance life demands with self-care. Self-care is an essential human activity that is necessary and purposed to facilitate well-being. It is, therefore, crucial to take good care of yourself, search for, and implement self-care ideas that result in happiness from within.

In life’s struggles, taking care of one’s self is highly essential. Without self-care, it will be difficult to get things right in your life. We can assertively claim therefore that happiness starts with self-care. Let us examine the importance of self-care;

  1. Self-care helps you to maintain a sound relationship with yourself, resulting in good relationships with others.
  2. Self-care helps eliminate the adverse effects of stress.
  3. Self-care gives focus.
  4. Self-care prevents unexpected burnout.

We can easily neglect caring for ourselves due to our workload, which at times might overwhelm us, or at times finding the right care for ourselves may be the challenge. Consider the following self-care ideas and see how you can put them to use. These examples would be portrayed in a self-care wheel, as shown below:

The self-care wheel highlights the six main areas of self-care that shouldn’t be neglected. If we can attend to each of these areas regularly and as equally as possible, we will begin to cultivate a much richer, more rewarding, and more balanced life.

  1. Physical: This part of self-care is the easiest one to practice, and it involves caring for your body.
  2. Psychological: This includes activities that help relieve mental stress and to have the calculative ability to engage in professional tasks, maybe at your place of work.
  3. Personal: As seen on the self-care wheel, this includes activities that can help you become your dream self.
  4. Professional: Make sure your work is not depriving you of other necessary activities, get a balance, work during the hours of work, and get the best of you.
  5. Emotional: our emotions are important factors that determine our mood, try to do things that elevate you emotionally, and don’t keep a grudge.
  6. Spiritual: reflect on nature, the things that can’t be seen but can be felt are powerful, and to get a grip of this, you need to get spiritual.

The wheel created by the Olga Phoenix Project provides useful examples of some self-care activities and thinking patterns to consider. You can use this as a guide in creating your very own unique, personalized version that would best support your vision of a healthy, well-balanced life.

All these are the vital areas of self-care that should guide you toward unlocking happiness in your life. Never neglect caring for yourself, as what you give to yourself is exactly the energy you would give out. By making a conscious effort to applying the various self-care ideas you’ve learned, your happiness should be right around the corner!

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