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I’m proud to deliver consistently prompt, professional, and convenient mobile Notary services to all of Southern California. Whether a large corporation, or a individual needing a one time notarization, I strive to provide the best possible experience with every signature notarized.

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The Notary Public has the role of identifying signers of a document and transaction. We ensure that they were identified and executed the document personally. The Notary Public establishes the signers identity and authorization to sign the document by using satisfactory evidence as established by the laws of the State of California. The primary for utilized to identify signers are driver license, passport, military ID cards, and other forms of photo government ID. Notaries also play the crucial role of administering oaths and affirmations for affidavits, court proceedings, as well as swearing newly appointed attorneys into the bar.

The only difference in a Mobile Notary Public and a Notary Public is they travel to the location of the signer to provide the notarization service. Do not confuse mobile, will online or cellular, mobile Notarization still requires personal presence of both the signer and the Notary Public. We have the flexibility to travel to businesses, homes, hospitals, jail, and other locations during and after business hours.

The traditional process of notarizing a signature would require the signer to locate and travel to the office of a Notary Public during their business hours. Mobile notaries revolutionized the process by providing flexibility, convenience, professionalism, and flexibility to accommodate special requests.

A Notary Public has the discretion to set their pricing according to many factors such as distance travelled, extra services provided, time of day, etc. The state mandates that the maximum that can be charged per signature is $15. However it does not mandate the amount that can be charged for additional services such as mobile service, printing, and shipping. If a Notary does not provide any extra service, and is not mobile, they are only allowed to charge up to $15 per signature, such as at a UPS store.

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